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Unwanted Party Guest

This past weekend we were having a small get-together with Portlanders to celebrate Christmas and Sean’s final days. It was fun. We were all having a good time… until some stranger showed up… with a gun…. at 4:20am.

Long story short, we were all pretty much asleep. The last two people were still out on the balcony talking and dozing off, etc. and the back door was still open (others were asleep in the living room). We were all on the 2nd floor, but there were stairs up from the beach. I woke up to the sound of one of the girls panicking saying “please don’t, please don’t…” I looked up and saw a guy moving around them (I figured some drunk guy had wandered up and was causing a problem). Well, it wasn’t. It was a sober guy with a gun.  As I made my way over another volunteer yelled at the guy who then turned the gun to him. He jumped back inside and the gunmen headed down the steps, stopping to point the gun at Jess (and say something about money), who quickly stepped inside out of sight. The guy continued down to the beach and ran off.

The other volunteer who woke up with the gun in his face sat there for a few seconds and decided to jump off the balcony (thinking the other PCV would follow). Well she didn’t, but I have to think this threw the gunmen off seeing his victim jump off the 2nd story. Crazy.

So everyone was fine. We stayed up till sunrise (I fell back asleep for a bit. It felt SO NICE sleeping out on the balcony.),  opened presents in the morning and had a nice sit down with the Safety & Security Officer. It was memorable.

Needless to say, the event made it a quiet and reflective morning for most.

The Lesson: Someone has to be the one to say, “Okay, time to bring the party inside and/or shut it down.”

Yeah, it was nice to get home. I think we slept for 13hrs Saturday night.


5 Responses

  1. Did anyone sleep through the entire event? If anyone knew at the time what was going down, I’ll bet things might have gone differently……maybe? Glad all are okay…thanks for the re-cap! Mom xxx ooo xxx

  2. only one guy slept through the whole thing. needless to say he was confused in the morning. everyone else was up within 60sec of it happening.

  3. Crap someone pointed a gun at Jesse??? Crap dude for reals…I am however very very thankful it ended peacefully…How is the guy that jumped off the 2nd story doing?

  4. he’s good. if anyone should’ve jumped off it’s him. he’s in good shape for that sort of thing :)

  5. Dang dude. Glad everyone was okay. Can’t imagine what sort of state of mind that person was in. IS there someone you can report that too??

    Happy New Year Bud. Take care!

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