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Grand Market

Port Antonio at Grand Market

(14 shot panorama – ISO 1600)

In Jamaica (pronounced “ha-mica”) they have this giant party flea market night on Dec 24th every year. It’s called Grand Market. It happens in all the major cities. People just come out and socialize and party and look for shopping deals. It was fun and crowded and of course I took my camera (gave me a great opportunity to test out the really high ISO range (1600-6400)). These are all in Port Antonio. That’s the square above.

Portland Jewellers

(ISO 1800)

Grand Market

(ISO 1800)

Above KFC

(ISO 400 – I had a railing to brace on for the longer exposure)


(ISO 5000 – it’s grainy but it’s there!)

Posted the rest on Facebook. It’s a terrible venue for photos, but it’s all I can find for so many shots at once. Any ideas on a location where I could post 50 shots in a large viewable format?

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  1. Nice shots! Two questions. 1: Did you use software to reduce noise? (my camera is really noisy @ 1600 and higher.) 2: How fast is your lens? Thanks. Can’t wait ’till next winter to see you guys in CO. We had 12″-20″ of powder @ Monarch this year. Wish you could have been there.

    • noise reduction… sort of? I shot everything in RAW which gives you higher quality images (especially when you know you’re going to be pushing it on ISO). and with that higher quality it’s easier to remove noise. Adobe Lightroom does a nice little color noise reduction in processing. i think most of these were done just with that. i might have used the extra software on the panoramic. here are some writings on raw/jpeg:


      i agree with both of them :) usually. (i shoot RAW if it’s important and/or i wont get another shot at it)

      my wide angle (11-16mm) is f/2.8 but my fastest is the 50mm f/1.8. i highly recommend a 50 1.8. i think i paid $75 for mine. i use it ALL the time. all of my portraits i use it. it’s small and unassuming.

      and i cant wait to get out there for some serious snow action. i’ve never lived so close to skiing. it’s gonna be awesome.

  2. How about Picasa web album From Google
    I will be thier in March , as a water and sanitation consultant do you have advice for me ???Or where I may be sent ?? Or what I may be doing real time.

    • hey jerry. i am water and sanitation advisor. and what that means is… i actually dont know what that means. don’t worry about the title. this whole thing is what you make it. as for where you’ll go. there’s really no telling. if you have a preference though just talk to them in training. it’ll work out.

  3. Do you remember what you were thinking a few months befor you went ? I’am starving for information and you feed me crums ! Give me details on what your day is like. What ,where , when , and why. Thanks Jerry (-; PS I’am a little anxious becouse I don’t know what to expect , but you can help.

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