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For the 8 of You Who Haven’t Seen Avatar…

Do yourself and your children a favor and go see it. It’s a landmark in film media. It’s not a good movie, it’s an astounding visual experience. This is a good review of it. However, I’d recommend just seeing it before reading a plot synopsis or reviews or whatever. Just see it. And see it in 3D. It was made for 3D and you’ll be cheating yourself out of the full experience.

Some good quotes I found:

When I saw Avatar, I felt as though I had been beamed 20 years into the future and someone had told me, “This is how we watch movie’s nowadays.”

…for those of you who really, really don’t think that $15 is worth seeing a movie meant to change all other movies forever, by all means, download it.

Unreality Avatar Review

For me, the movie was the most gorgeous film I’ve ever seen. As a photograph enthusiast, the light and colors were out of this world; they were beyond… anything. There were scenes that were so beautiful I had tears in my eyes. It was an honor to view this film. I don’t mean to oversell this and once you see it you’ll realize that I’m barely even selling it.

So yeah, if you hear anything that’s actually negative about Avatar, just… it’s probably someone who just likes to hear themselves talk.

Thought this was a funny “Making of” for the bootleg copy:


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  1. Saw it twice in IMAX 3D while in CO. Totally amazing. Thanks for the tips on the noise. I have been shooting in RAW when I think I have a good shot (esp. with a high dynamic range). I’m still saving up for some software so I can’t do anything with the RAW shots except process them in camera then import them and try an HDR. Really want a fast lens for low light indoor people shots. Hope you didn’t feel that earthquake next door in Haiti.

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