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In the Life of Josh…

Goob Sleeping Pose of the Day

He is always laying in the funniest positions. I need to start documenting them more often.

Yeah I’m just trying to think of something to write. It’s been raining here a lot. like 4 days of rain.

They told me this was a Lemon!


Okay let’s see…

  • Amazon MP3 has a ton of $5 albums. I mean, that’s a deal. So much to choose from. I just bought 99 Most Essential Songs of Beethoven and Bach compilations for $5 each. What a steal!
  • Oh also, Vampire Weekend‘s Contra is excellent. Bought it for $8. I feel like a real human buying all this music!
  • Lot of people asking me about “what camera to buy” lately. Came across this site today: Snapsort.com Super helpful side by side comparisons. Does great pointing out the major differences between the two so you dont have to scan through all the specs you dont care about.
  • So one of my favorite gifts this (right after the 21LED hand cannon flashlight my dad sent me) is a Grid Systems book Jesse’s Kim sent me. It’s so great! Reading about all these concepts that I sort of knew and had in the back of my mind but didn’t know the actual details of is so fun. Then on top of that we finally watched the documentary Helvetica and it was fantastic (it’s about the font and it’s history and how it changed the face of words around the world). I highly recommend it.
  • So then I decided to try my new knowledge and whatnot out a my birthday poster. It’s like an American Apparel ad on TBS but instead of someone sexy, it’s me. Looking confused. Pretty fun stuff. All in Helvetica, of course.

I find it interesting that I used to be so into art (particularly freehand drawing as a kid) when I was younger and somehow I just ran out of time for drawing. High school and college came around and I moved more towards Maths (and Engineering). The only art I really engaged in was music for about 8yrs. And then in the last 5 years I’ve gotten completely sucked back in with my attempts at web design and photography and now posters. And I love doing it. It’s like my brain just loves the visual activity of arranging things. It simply loves it. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with that when I get back, but I’ve gotta do something. Any suggestions?

  • Other documentaries of note: Food, Inc and Food Matters. The first about the food industry and the other, food in general. Both very informative and eye opening. Even to a “eat anything” person like myself.
  • Okay I gotta go get groceries.

3 Responses

  1. Suggestions? Hmmm. Well, I know I might be a wee bit prejudiced, but I’ve always known that you and Jordan have been blessed with more than one talent, I’d say that you could probably do whatever you set your mind to. With Jordan doing the graphic design/business, and if you use the opportunity of “free schooling” in Colorado (I’m not sure of the details) you might be able to get your Masters in Graphic Design.
    Just brainstorming here. You also might talk with your brother and using your combined talents, open a type of business together. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. ;)
    Definitely a prayer item. Don’t be afraid to dream!

  2. I loved Food Inc. I liked how they did a somewhat good job at not being completely anti-food. It seemed to be more of a “Just think about where your food comes from” type of movie. Even the guy who wrote Fast Food Nation is seen eating a big ole burger at a diner. My sister and I watched it and neither of us had even heard of Monsanto, yet they’re this HUGE company. Really great doc!

  3. I don’t know what you need to do with it but it should probably = $ ! Those things tend to work themselves out in time.

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