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Year’s Favorite (by Josh)

Seems an appropriate time to share my favorites from this past year in music.

My Favorite Song

Obviously a ridiculously hard choice over a year’s time, but I’d have to say Woods by Bon Iver. It’s so original, simple, creative, repetitive (and not), and beautiful. It never get’s old and I always hear something new. It just seems to stand above all the other amazing music that came out this year.

My Favorite Albums (this one I couldn’t just pick one) (these are all amazing and you wouldn’t be sorry buying any of them. trust me.)

1) For Emma, Forever Ago – Bon Iver: Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a given. It’s gotta be at the top of everyone’s list, but that doesn’t seem to take anything away from it. It’s a beautiful piece of music from start to finish. I think Indie Rock history will look back at this with others like Arcade Fire’s Funeral and Neutral Milk Hotel’s Aeroplane Over the Sea. That’s just what it is.

2) The Rural Alberta Advantage – RAA: This was a late comer to my library. Didn’t find it till December I think. Well worth the wait I’d say. A fantastic album from start to finish. They sound like Neutral Milk Hotel and Bloc Party and Tokyo Police Club and maybe Decemberists (to name a few). It’s this wonderful mix of so many great elements and a kickass drummer. It’s like dance music played by an indie rock band. Really a blast to listen to.

3) Wolfgang Amadeus PhoenixPhoenix: Every time Phoenix comes out with an album it becomes my favorite album of theirs. Their ear for catchy, pop-tunes that induce a sense of nostalgia for something that never happened is just astounding. This is a talented bunch of Frenchies.

4) Ocean EyesOwl City: Not sure what to say on this one. I thought it was Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard for the longest time, but it turns out this guy has no affiliation with them. So that’s a bit puzzling because it sounds like more of a Postal Service follow-up than anything I’ve ever heard. Having said that, this is an insanely catchy album with fun, upbeat lyrics. If you like one song, you’ll love the entire album.

5) FarRegina Spektor: click here.

6) Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers DoMajor Lazer: click’er

7) Mixtape Volume 4The Hood Internet: I’m not in love with every song, but this duo repeatedly impresses me with the sheer volume of quality remixes they release every week. I recommend checking out all four volumes (although 2,3, & 4 are the best). Volume 4 is right in line with the last two: almost two full hours of wonderfully done and original remixes (of hip hop lyrics over anything and everything else out there). Modest Mouse lyrics over a Kanye West tune? Absolutely. These mixes are tons of fun. Did I mention they give them all away for free?

8) Merriweather Post PavilionAnimal Collective: Oh man. Almost forget all about this one. I remember the first time I tried listening to it I was so turned off by it that it took me weeks or months to come back to it. Sometimes I’m like that :) But when I DID come back I fell in love with it. Animal Collective is always a bit of a tough pill to swallow at first, but afterwards it’s fantastic. Brothersport may be my favorite AC song of all time. This album is well worth your initial confusion upon first listen :)

9) Bitte OrcaThe Dirty Projectors: I almost forgot this one too! Again this is one of those albums that you just press play at the beginning and listen till it’s done. You jump in somewhere in the middle. It’s beginning to end for it. It’s remarkable in it’s unique sound. The beats and melodies just jumping all over the place. Extremely talented musicians.

There are so so so many more. Discovery, Avett Bros., M. Ward, Beirut, Dark Was the Night. So many. And lot of the great Hip Hop and Pop I listen to just don’t generally come with great albums so I don’t include them.

Well what do you think? What else did I miss?

2 Responses

  1. Owl City…well, no one is perfect

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