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Like A Child

resilient |riˈzilyənt|
(of a substance or object) able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.
(of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions

mind of a child        new in the world
heart of a child        small in the world
resilient                    resourceful
hopeful                     awkward
simple                      open
true                          free

I have a personal blog, that’s more of my thoughts than my activities. Lately, I’ve had more thoughts than actions, so I’ve posted more often on that other blog (If you want to know the address, ask me.)  I’m reluctant to post the address on here.

In any case, this post has both activity and thought, so I’m double-posting, there AND here.

I’ve been thinking about our moments that stop time and defy reality–little shreds of happiness or thankfulness or loneliness or betrayal–how they are fleeting and how they remind us to feel and be alive.

Remember the lost boys in Peter Pan? In the movie Hook, I’ve always loved that scene where they have the imaginary food fight.  You sit there reveling with them in joy but being so sad for them too because it’s all imaginary (they don’t really have food and they’re orphans living in the woods).

Last night, Josh and I had a friend over and we had our own version of imaginary feasting when we only had bits and pieces of meal-makings left in the kitchen and had to find SOMEthing to feed us all day.  It’s rarely this bleak–but we splurged for the holidays and we’re coasting on fumes until we get paid next (just a few days away). Thus, instead of dipping into savings, we decided to just eat whatever is left.  Novel plan, right? It’s just that it became a little embarrassing when Rob stayed over and we had the weirdest ingredients left over.  We literally had enough for: 1.5 pb&j sandwiches, 4 eggs, left over taco fixins, oatmeal, popcorn and…crackers I think. We DID, however, have plenty of white rum & pepsi around…we made the best of things.

Josh and I walked up and down the road this afternoon, posting announcements for Josh’s upcoming Electronics Ed. Classes.  Today has been absolutely gorgeous weather–80 degrees, sunny with a breeze.  Our laundry dried completely too, which is always an unexpected blessing. On our way back to the house, I ran into our favorite neighbor “Chev” (5 yr. old girl going on 45!) and her friend picking up can tops and other semi-gross garbage items, in order to use them as toys.  The can tops were sharp on the sides and I was afraid they would cut themselves.  I told them that I’d been collecting can tops with smooth edges and that they could have em if they wanted.  They were like, “yessah!”  I brought them over and added a couple of jar tops–gold and silver. I might as well have given them real gold and silver.  They were well thrilled!  Truly trash into treasure…I rarely find a really fitting use for the waste materials I’ve been saving (and storing, making Josh crazy), so this made my day (and theirs), even more than the dry laundry and the sunny breeze.

And another thing–In this Jackie Chan movie I saw recently (this morning) Rumble in the Bronx (i know), there’s a character who’s a young boy confined to a wheelchair.  He’s a real sweetheart and actually takes a hit pretty well too…The point is that, in the movie, his sister finally gets him a new chair pad to replace his old worn-out one and he flips out happy, like it’s just the best thing ever.  It doesn’t glow in the dark or have pockets or give massages.  It’s just a pad for his wheelchair, but it’s new and makes him more comfortable.  I had a friend with this kind of attitude when I was in 2nd grade–Katrina.  She never complained that her legs didn’t work or that she looked different from everyone.  She was so happy about most everything.  She seemed to have the secret to life figured out by the 2nd grade and she was crippled.

So is there some positive correlation here with suffering/difficulty and enjoying life in the little things?

Someone here in Peace Corps showed me a quote a while back that went something like, “If you’re frustrated with your life, go spend time with a child.”

So true. Maybe that’s my problem…too many adults, too few essential moments.


2 Responses

  1. When I’m having a hard day and I feel so frusatrated at the world and at Cambo I hop on my moto and head over to Rapha and play with the girls. There are these 3 girls…one is maybe 6 and is missing her two front teeth, the other 8 and is all sass, and the other 9 and is the sweetest thing ever…I put on Love Story by Taylor Swift and we twirl around like princesses and collapse into giggles…its the best therapy ever!

  2. Wow Jess…I love you!

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