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Top 10 Things I’ve Learned So Far in 2010 (or re-learned)

10) Prescribed families, although not natural, work very similarly to real families. Portlanders are family.
9)  It’s still important to celebrate, never mind what or who you’re celebrating.
8)  LOST is absolutely the best show on television. I’m already sad it’s almost over.
7)  Cats are vampires.  Adorable vampires.
6)  American pop culture is the world’s biggest time-suck. That and VirtualDJ.
5)  Burns are painful and long-lasting.
4)  Clubs aren’t so bad or scary.
3)  Not all psychiatrists have couches in their office.
2)  Babies like to breathe and they’re good at hiding it.
1)  This year is going to be amazing.


One Response

  1. Uck I totally agree about burns and about everything else…can’t wait to see you in 2010!!!

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