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I Watched a House Burn Last Night

Our friend’s house was burned down last night. More specifically, one of our counterparts and first friends here, Worries.

I was out in Mill Bank attending a nine-night and decided I was ready to go home around midnight. Seemed like a bunch of people just decided to leave too so I took off with them (thinking I was lucky to walk back with such a large group considering there have been some recent muggings and I didn’t want any part of that). On the brisk walk back I kept overhearing the lady behind me say on the phone “Dem burn Worries house.” After hearing this a few times I began to grow concerned. So we continued walking back to the square and up to his house. I called Jesse along the way to make sure everything was fine there. It was. Thank God.

It was very dark out. But as we walked up the hill I could see a lot of light and smoke coming up through the coconut trees. It started looking very surreal with the stars above. Once I got up near the house I saw about 150 people standing in silence, in the light of the fire, watching the concrete structure burn. Some people had their camera phones out. Most were just watching. It was surprisingly quiet. Every now and then you heard glass break or something fell from the roof, but otherwise it was eerily quiet. Just the usual sound of insects and birds in the background. After I found out Worries was fine and no one appeared hurt, I began to feel nauseous knowing I didn’t have my camera. Then I remembered my “by any means necessary” philosophy regarding photography. I pulled out my laptop (I had gotten to DJ the early shift at the party) and pulled up Photobooth and started recording. Not pretty or the easiest to use, but it worked.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a house burn down before. It took a long time and you could feel the heat from far away. I had trouble fathoming everything I own disappearing forever. It still doesn’t make much sense to me. Just standing there watching your home and belongings burn. And truly all you can do is watch.

I don’t think anyone suspects anything other than arson. This was done by someone.

I’ve been really depressed today. It looked like 5:30pm all day and I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life in 5 months.

It’s not even Monday yet.


3 Responses

  1. Sent you an e-mail and then read your sad blog about the house burning down. What an awful occurrence. Glad you are all safe. As for the future, you both have so much talent, and whether in grad school or back in Tennessee, I am sure your abilities and talent will be put to great use.

    Look forward to meeting you both in March or April or certainly before you head back “home.”


  2. don’t worry about 5 months from now, you know
    God has a plan for you both. It is the transition to something new that worries you…you’ll be fine.

  3. I saw the facebook status – sorry you guys seem to be going through hazard after confusing situation. Wish you guys were back in the States already. I have no idea why people can be so destructive – Stay safe-

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