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Tiger By the Tail


“Cope with an obsession; pursue an idea, a talent or even  a vice obsessively; face a trying problem.”  ~ James Rogers

“He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount – Once a dangerous or troublesome venture is begun, the safest course is to carry it through to the end.
~ W. Scarborough ‘Collection of Chinese Proverbs.'”

Happy Valentines’ Day to all your lovers and historians and Happy New Year to those who observe today thus.  To us, today is just another Sunday, maybe more somber and curious than most, but another Sunday in the year of our Lord.  Another day under the sun and stars. (My sister Samantha was born in the year of the Tiger-1986.)

A couple nights ago, I was given news that I’ve been accepted into the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver for the fall.  This news came to me on the first email check using our new Digicel modem at the house, something I’m still elated by as I write.  On the same night, we received word from the Peace Corps SPA committee that Josh’s grant proposal for renovating the Moore Town School Library/Computer Lab had been accepted also–it’s not a big grant, but it will allow the school to make the computer lab active for the future and will provide some teacher IT training (via Josh).  Let’s just say it was a good night. I resorted to doing jumping jacks in our living room to burn the excitement energy.  I know I’ve already commented that this year will surely be exciting and brilliant.  However, I continue to become more and more of this prediction.  Josh and I have noticed that many of our loved ones are in the middle of transition yet again–possible relocations, possible new career paths, doors of opportunity opening and slamming with intensity and many of us are at the point where we see the opening/closing and are just about ready to respond.  We are looking out into the new or staring at the cold, closed door, ready for an about-face.

Josh and I are in the camp that’s looking out into the new.
For the first time in a while, I’m the one of us with a decent idea of what I want to do next.  It’s amazing how frustrating it can be to have unlimited choices, although I doubt we’d want it any other way.

Here’s what we know about the next month:

Josh turns 28 and we host our first Jamaican street party
Hunter family comes to visit us on the west side–Negril sun & sea!
Group 81 PCTs arrive on island and start training
World Water Day-water quality theme

By the way, we are using the digital projector more and more often in the community for movie nights, trainings and workshops. Soon we’ll post some pics and give an update, but we are making good on your donations!  Speaking of donations, we are still accepting donations to cover the cost of the projector–We only raised about 30% of the cost before.  If we can raise the majority of the cost, we would like to donate to either another PCV’s work or to a community group here.  Look for updates on this.


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