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I Told You Not All My Posters Have Women On Them

(didn’t have much time on this one)


One Response

  1. Josh and Jesse,

    Great posters in shades of gray and black…on white backgrounds. Wish I had your graphic and design talents. Your writings are equally skilled, Jesse. Your writings are informative, interesting and thorough.

    Hope you got my last messages. Think I now have all my mailings and forms in to PC in DC for service in Jamaica. Tomorrow, I hope to book my flight(s) to Miami for one month from now!

    I always will welcome your advice and other PC service hints and expectations before I arrive in Kingston on 18 March.

    If you are not planning to bring your cat back “home,” and no one else wants him/her, I will take care of him. May tick off our two cats at our home, especially Smokey, a 17 pound part Maine coon cat who already senses that I am deserting him for a couple years. Maggie, our other cat, is more of my wife, Kathy’s buddy, but Smokey usually follows me around the house and yard like a dog. Very friendly cat…but he does terrorize the neighborhood dogs who frequently come to our yard since I carry dog treats with me when I am out running.

    All the Best,

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