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Fact: Jamaicans Love Sports

More specifically, sports that involve running. They love to run. They just love it. Today was sports day at the Primary School. I wasn’t a part of it. No one invited me. And no one asked me to take pictures. But I decided to go anyway. And take pictures anyway. Because it’s what I do. (And all my favorite kids were participating.)

I mention that no one invited us because this is one of the hugest frustrations in our time here. We miss so many things because community members only mention them to us after the fact in passing. The only reason I even knew about Sports Day was because I just happened to be sitting on the street the night before and the principal walked by. And in conversation she said, “Oh you can’t come look at the computers tomorrow. It’s Sports Day.” I said okay and that was that. So it could be said that I should sit on the street more often. Well the fact of the matter is, is that while I do enjoy sitting on the street chattin it up, I have more productive things to do with my time. I can’t just spend 2hrs on the road every night just to find out if anything agwaan the next day. It’s silly and my pride refuses to do it. So this makes it a miracle when we actually hear about an event and get to attend it. And it just puts a damper on a lot of days.

(I’ve yet to grow tired of the scenery of up here)

(The Primary & Junior High School)

(This girl’s hair was cracking me up. I love the pom pom look.)

(Chev (right) & Sherill (left). I think Chev just ate something very very blue.)


5 Responses

  1. What wonderful photos…everyone loves the joy of running!

  2. Hi,

    I came upon your blog today while searching for information on PC Jamaica and was totally engrossed for the better part of the day. My husband, Shannon French, will be volunteering for 6 months as a PCRV starting in March, and it was great to get some insider perspective. Thanks!

    -Laney French, PC Zambia ’04-’06

  3. Hahaha, I love the pic of the girl with the afro puffs. Can’t wait to play with the likkle pikney!

  4. Hey, it’s that school I helped paint last labor day! I hope everyone there enjoyed the solid-brown doors and the beautiful gray brushwork around the windows.

  5. Josh, the poof balls are awesome…I think too cause she’s such a skinny thing!

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