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The Music of LOST

In honor of the last season of LOST being on, I thought I’d share all my favorite music from the show with you. I’ve been enjoying the soundtrack since they first started releasing them. Although, I think they’ve only released up through season 4 so far, but in my opinion seasons 1 and 4 had the best music anyway.

Michael Giacchino does the score and really does a fantastic job of keeping it simple yet poignant. All the different characters’ themes are wonderful and the way he does variations on these themes and mixing them is just… I don’t know. It impresses me. So if you get a chance you should download my compilation. It’s more than a CD, but who uses those anyway?

(The ONLY thing that sucks about the music is that so many good songs end with that damn screeching crescendo!)

The Best of LOST (Seasons 1-4)


2 Responses

  1. I love the LOST music. I have through Season 3, but I didn’t get 4 because I thought 3 wasn’t that great (or most of 2 for that matter). Season 4 is better?

    • yeah, season 3 was not that spectacular. season 4 however, has some really great themes. very memorable ones that remind you of how great season 1 was. i was really excited to get season 4 after watching the season. just give it a listen and you’ll see. Desmond and Penny’s theme (The Constant), the Landing Party (when everyone i getting split up in the finale) and Ben’s themes (Of Mice and Ben) are just awesome.

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