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The Grid System is an Aid, Not a Guarantee.

And sometimes it’s just an idea that floats around in the back of your mind as you layout madness.

My latest and, I would say, my greatest poster to date. This is a success in several ways, but the first and foremost being that I didn’t have to grab some overdone artificial HipHop model (bless their hearts) to put on it. The girl (on the right) actually had the initiative to come to me months in advance and we decided on a time they could come over and take their pictures for it. And it came out great. I took all the photos accept the one of Metro Links which I received at the last min… from the 1980s I think. Such an old awful picture. But I made it work. I originally had a black gradient starburst background but oddly enough the blues and purples made the reds and yellow stand out more, so…

About the poster… Married people wear red and the boyfriends/girlfriends of married people wear yellow. Kind of awful and awkward, but very socially relevant. I suppose maybe it’s poking fun at the known issue that is clearly very widespread. In Jamaica they call it “bon” (pronounced ‘bun’, derived from ‘burn’ i believe; as in, if someone “gives you bon,” they cheated on you.). The title (Gal a Wah Me Do) means basically, “(Girl) What did I do to you to make you do me like that?”

Funny story… The girl on the left wasn’t going to be on the poster, but they needed one more girl to even it out, so they asked me for a pair of scissors (I thought for hair or something) and went into the bathroom. When she came back her normal t-shirt had been “trimmed” to add a bit more… emphasis to certain… regions. I laughed. What’s funny, and I’ve said this before, is how thin the veil obscuring everyone’s sexuality is. I mean, we are sexual beings. It’s not just a coincidence that sex is the best selling device ever. But in the US it seems that most people choose to completely separate their sex life with their public/professional life. People hide it almost to the point of seeming embarrassed by it. I don’t know if the US taboo-ness is a cause or result of this. Now, I won’t sit here and tell you what the appropriate level of disclosure is because I really can’t say, but there are some significant differences in Jamaican culture. Right, so the reason I got on this point is because that woman on the left was just a mom playing with her kid before she so conveniently altered her shirt. Actually there were several children over here at the time. I think two of these girls/women are moms. So in between trying to look sexy they’re parenting. It’s just so… honest? I don’t know. Like, everyone wants to be sexy and attractive to someone, you know? Attractiveness isn’t just for actresses and models, it’s for women of all ages. She wasn’t trying to create a misleading stereotype for women everyone, she just wanted to look sexy. And she was using what she had to do that. That’s kind of how Jamaica is. I find it all to be rather refreshing if I’m being honest.

I hope I explained that right.

Anywho, that’s all. This has been my most well received poster yet. Dem say di ting sell off!


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  1. awesome story and poster, I am sually allergic to text but it was interesting enought ot read through.

    As a Jamaican it warms my heart to see a foreigner make such discoveries about we Jamaicans.

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