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The Replacements

No, that’s not really fair…or even true.  However, that is what a few of the brand new and shiny PCTs called themselves when we introduced ourselves at their welcoming lunch last Thursday.  The day seemed to carry on pretty smoothly and I was impressed at how good-natured and laid-back most of them were.  It could’ve also been the malaise that comes over a person after waking in the early morning, waiting and lugging baggage and flying and waiting and traveling and sweating, etc.

Here’s the group, doing the Usain Bolt move “Tu di worl!” (Jamaica’s “to infinity and beyond!”)

Spending time around the trainees reminded me how far we’ve come (group 79 tu di worl!) since July 3, 2008.

I wish them all the best in their training, these first weeks in Jamaica.  If any of you rascals are still reading our blog, just know that your flexibility and your sense(s) of humor can make or break your experiences here.  If you roll with it and if you don’t take yourself too seriously (but stay safe!), it’ll all work out.  We’re so glad you’re here and I hope a couple of you get to come to Portland. :)

Oh and I never posted about Josh’s birthday festivities or about the Hunters’ visit and our vaca in Negril. Okay, that will have to be next!

Tek time and waak gud.


One Response

  1. Didn’t you just get to Jamaica? The time has flown by in my opinion. I can’t wait to see you guys back here! At least for a little while…. :)

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