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No Service Not Found

That’s the message our modem gets when it’s raining up here.

Rainy days are really uncomfortable if you have a strict schedule.

If you don’t, rainy days are like snow days! They become whatever you want!

The bad news is that I won’t be AS productive as I have no phone or internet signal. That’s okay–still plenty of things to keep me busy.

Yesterday, a friend came over and cooked us eel. Yes, I said EEL. Josh and I learned a lot about eels, mostly dispelling my knowledge of eels that has always been taken from the characters Flotsam & Jetsam in the Little Mermaid. That’s not a good example to set, eh–getting your knowledge of things from movies? Well, it turns out that eel can be (a) tasty (b) easy to catch and cook up and (3) not electric or “evil.” haha.  Seriously, it was quite the jump for me to eat a plate of eel and rice, since I barely ever eat seafood at all!  But, I was impressed that he caught it himself, right from our river and offered to come and cook it, just to do it. And it was tasty, guys. It was a little slimy and I knew it was eel, but if I didn’t think about it, it just tasted good.

eel, veggies and rice (delish!)

Sometimes we realize that we’ve become hardened or cynical about people here.  So often, we have to insulate ourselves from folks asking for money or things, asking just because we look white and we’re told that white “looks like money” (white is the new green?). We try and explain and reverse those stereotypes, and at times it’s overwhelming.  However, there are those rare situations when someone randomly offers YOU something, something that cost them time, money or both.  And they don’t want anything in return. They just want to get to know you and express themselves.  Those are the times I wonder if I’ve become too callous, too defensive.  Just like we don’t want to be stereotyped by our nationality or our coloring, Jamaicans cannot be painted with a wide brush either.

We are all equal.
We are all God’s blessed creation.
On the other extreme, there is no other person like me (or like you).
We are individual, unique and valuable.

“Jumanji” made me know say evribadi has sump’n to contribute. When you give, you get back more than when you take.

I love rainy days at our cabin in the woods.
Wonder how many more we’ll get to have before we leave.


2 Responses

  1. Hello my fellow Peace Corp Volunteer. I hope this message finds you well. My name is Farfum Ladroma and I am an education volunteer in the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific. I am writing to you all today because I need your help! My students and I at GPS MATAMAKA (an outer-island Government Primary School in Vava’u) are pursuing a “POSTCARD PROJECT.” I am asking for other PCVs outside of Tonga to please send us a postcard from your host country. We are trying to collect as many postcards from around the world, especially in countries where Peace Corps is currently operating. This project will help enhance my student’s understanding of other cultures and share what Peace Corps volunteers do all across the globe. I will keep a running list of all the postcards received with their origin on my blog at: http://farfumandtonga.blogspot.com/. You may check if your postcard successfully makes it to Tonga. This will be a great cultural exchange for everyone involved and a lot of fun. Please help out if you can and tell everyone you know (even your friends and families back home)! I would greatly appreciate your participation. Thank you very much and malo ‘aupito mei Tonga.
    Please send postcards to:
    c/o Peace Corps
    P.O. Box 136
    Neiafu, VAVA’U

    -Farfum (aka Feleti)

  2. wow, being such a picky eater I wonder if I could eat eel, well I guess if I was hungry enough ^^.

    Sucks about the cell and internet signal though but at least you are enjoying life in the country.

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