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All Who Wander

I came across this very succinct document about Jamaican Easter traditions and want to share it with you.

Here, also, is a webpage that explains possible origins for some of the seemingly random modern traditions for Easter.

I’ll have to follow-up this entry with the other half of our Easter holiday, after it’s happened.  So far, we hosted a PCV and took him to Moore Town to talk with Colonel Sterling and look around.  The time getting know a new friend is so precious and interesting.  There is no shortage of conversation topics and, when you get on naturally, it’s easy to chat and chat and chat.  I love that. Seems so rare.  In any case, I tried Israeli Salad (tasty and healthy!) and the walk to/from Moore Town was cool and lovely.

josh, raz, rob "cookin"

in Moore Town with Colonel & Flat Stanley

It’s Saturday, now, and we’re not sure what our plans are for tomorrow and Monday.  Most Jamaicans are either getting together to eat with family or doing nothing special.  I do know that Josh and I have agreed to help our neighbors Antwain & Keneil build a robot suit sometime this week, so that should be “classic.”

Last Easter weekend, we spent time with the Schumakers at Powell Plaza.  We attempted to color brown eggs with all-natural dyes and they….sort of worked, a little bit. It was fun though.

Celebrating Easter, in my heart at least, causes me to contemplate this event of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.  Belief that this event took place the way it’s been written is the lynch pin of Christianity.  Why do I believe that a man named Jesus was really the Creator’s son and an equal measure, an incarnation, of the triune God?  Why do I believe that my “sins” require a savior and that I’ve accepted a free gift of just that salvation?

Some people think that Christians feel a sense of human guilt and as such, we invent this ‘Jesus as savior’ process to make ourselves feel better; to get ourselves ‘off the hook.’  I’m still trying to articulate a response to this assertion.

I guess what I have to say so far is that this world is full of relativism, different perceptions.  And, to me, nothing has any meaning/value unless there exists at least one absolute, one truth that everything else can orient around. Without at least that one thing, it’s all “space.”  Besides my perception that I have experienced the supernatural, the person of God, I suppose I name that absolute truth the name of Jehovah.  The character of the creator determines our value systems and how we determine to live our lives. I suppose I need saving because I inherently notice my deep selfishness, waywardness and distance from SOMEthing, from SOMEone bigger than me.

It’s like C.S. Lewis says,

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

More on this later.  ::wink::

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  1. I love reading your blog and your pictures too. Jerry from group 81 is my husband. We followed your blog even before he got to Jamaica. I am looking forward to meeting both of you. I will be at group 81’s swearing in on May 21 and plan on staying the 2 years. Thanks for all your sage advice and musings about your experience there.

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