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The New Kids on the Block

A few weeks ago the new group arrived (no.81). I think they seem like a great bunch. Probably a bit shell shocked since they just walked off the plane when I met them. If someone asked me what the most shocking thing that had happened to me thus far, I’d say… arriving. It was the worst day of my entire service. However, this group got a MUCH smoother entrance into Jamaica than we did. I was very happy for them. My first night in Jamaica? I thoroughly contemplated leaving. It was a rough rough day.

But yeah, their’s seemed extremely more pleasant. Oh, so I was the “official” photographer for their 1st day. The next day I took staff portraits. And I was aiding in the design of an art book (more on that later). Quite a mix of people in the group. Young and… less young. :)

The whole day was… what’s the word for nostalgic without the pleasant connotation? Cause it was that. Watching them come off the bus made me realize what leaps and bounds we’d made in the last 21mo; just how far we’d come since that initial shock to our entire system. For me personally, (before we ever went outside of Shortwood College) I went from being terrified to walk ANY where in Kingston to… well, being fine with just about anything. Nowadays, I’m very rarely terrified :) I’m not even concerned when I go somewhere I’ve never been before. It’s like we have such a greater understanding of “the system.” Survival is no longer an issue. It’s just life.

(Cultural performers at the welcome ceremony)

I think that’s a trait you find in weathered travelers. Once people get some traveling “shocks” out of their system, they’ll probably be fine anywhere. I feel like we’re someone on the not-so-shocked end of the spectrum nowadays.

Anywho, here are some shots from the day. Oh, and I was watching Where the Wild Things Are last night (I really enjoyed it. I thought the pacing was a bit jarring at times, but yeah, a kids movie for adults.) and it pushed me to make a better “film” preset in Lightroom than I currently had. If you have Lightroom, I put the preset here. I can’t tell you for sure, but I feel like digital has more blue in it than film. It’s hard to explain, but the film looks that I really enjoy have more red in the shadows and are more green than magenta throughout. Maybe it’s just that digital is perfect. I don’t know, but I don’t always want that. So this preset has more red-ish shadows and maybe some green in the highlights (it also is a touch over exposed, desaturated, and less contrasty than I normally do). I made it for JPEG so your results with RAW may need to be adjusted. It’s also based on the fact that the white balance is already correct.

The Facebook Album

oh, the preset difference examples:

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