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NOW That’s What I Call Dancehall, Vol 1

Now that’s what I call album art! I put together a mix of my favorite Dancehall/Reggae of recent. I think it’s pretty awesome stuff. I’ve gotten a much better handle on Jamaican music in general in the last year. It’s a lot to wrap your brain around. I mean, for an island not even half the size of TN, It produces a TON of music and culture. I hope you enjoy this mix. I don’t think there’s a lot of vulgarity in it. It’s mostly dance music. Most of these are or have been hugely popular here (or I just find hilarious too good to leave off). I’m not gonna bother posting a track list because you wouldn’t recognize anything anyway. However, all the songs are labeled this time with the artists. So just download it, listen to it on some speakers with good bass. Do yourself a favor, turn up the bass. Dancehall can only truly be enjoyed loud with good bass.

Download Here


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  1. downloading now. Looking forward to see which songs you chose

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