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How Many Baby Sea Turtles Have You Seen at One Time?

Cause I’ve seen 170. No big deal, I know.

Sand Covered Baby SeaTurtles

The Facebook Album

Last week, a friend of ours called and said they (oh yeah, he works with a guy who lives on a beach where sea turtles lay their eggs) and said they were going to hatch at 5:30pm the next day. So of course we couldn’t miss that. I was confused at how he knew they’d be up and around at 5.5pm, but realized later that that was when they unearthed them. I think he monitors how long they’ve been there and checks them every few days to see when they’re ready. And they were ready. 170 of them. So he started digging a hole and pulled up handful after handful of baby sea turtles. It was surreal. Then the pile of turtles started waking up and marching towards the ocean. They knew exactly where they were going. I grabbed a few and turned them around facing the wrong way and as soon as I let go they spun around and resumed their first trip to the ocean. It was utterly amazing to watch them all marching along. Real National Geographic type stuff.

While they were marching we made sure no crabs came out and got them and that none of them got stuck in a sand dune. Once they reached the ocean the water just swept them out and you saw all these little head poking out of the water swimming out to something. It was other worldly.

That's Right. I'm Holding a Baby Sea Turtle.


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