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That’s how long this one took me. It was a rush job, but I think it came out alright.

I really enjoy the background. A gradient with a starburst (also gradiented) and a cool concrete texture I took the other day. It’s busy but fun. I love the pink to orange gradient. Feels summertime-y. Plus the textured background lets you have fun with blending modes (i.e. the woman and the shoes). Clarks have become very popular here due some bizarre product placement in new Vybz Kartel songs (“Clarks”). I don’t know why he’s made several songs about Clarks but they’ve driven the price of them up a lot, so… well done, Clarks?

And if you want to give me a hard time about the woman… see below for the original poster I received from the guy (in his defense he was using Word). I felt mine was a tasteful compromise. I still put the pic of him and his girl as big as I could on the poster. Click on the one below but BEWARE, there is a HUGE butt on it (SFW, no nudity or anything like that. Whatever, you’ll see.) and… well I don’t even need to explain any more “don’ts” regarding this.

Here are some example posters I saw on a bench the other day. I’ll try and snap some more for you.


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