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It’s been a couple months since my birthday but I still wanted to post the pics from it. We had a really fun time. I got a bunch of chicken and soup to cook. I got a cake and some drinks. The plan was to give away the soup and cake and sell the chicken and drinks. Well, plans are all well and good, but… well, they don’t always work. So I probably ended up spending $100US, but it was worth it. As a poor white person in Jamaica, “giving” can be very difficult. This is compounded by everyone and their dog thinking you’re beyond wealthy and asking you for plenty your first year here. So every time you’re in the position to give you have to weigh the pros and cons and live with them. It’s tiresome. My birthday party allowed me to simply give without worrying. It was refreshing. At some point in the night, Naset (the guy who cooked) said they’d finished all the chicken and soup. I said that was great! “How much did we make?” He said, “Well, not much.” He then proceeded to explain how everyone kept coming up to him saying, “beg yu likl piece, beg yu likl piece.” And I had 3 bottles of white rum that I tried to charge for after everyone’s free first (& sometimes second and third) drink. That didn’t work. So in the end everything was on the house. My house. But I can afford to throw a $100 birthday party once a year. Plus everyone had such a good time. Just a really enjoyable night.

We cut the cake up into a million likl pieces so that everyone on the block could have a piece. I got to DJ for a bit (I was pretty awesome). People stayed out dancing and whatnot till way late. The daggering started around 1 or 2. I watched that mating ritual for a bit and then made my way home leaving the party still going on. Got up the next morning and travelled to MoBay to meet my family.

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