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We & Goob Are Nashville.


…even when we nuh de ina Nashville.

I’m so proud of the stories of “comm-unity” and support after the floods and destruction that happened a couple of weekends ago.  It will be so strange to return to Nashville–Opry Mills, Antioch and Opryland Hotel for instance, to see construction going on instead of business as usual.  It makes me think of how the militia members must’ve felt after, say, fighting in the Civil War.  They are finally returning home to their families and their hometowns only to see them 180 degrees different, people’s personalities changed and lots of work to be done.  It brings to me to ask myself if we, in this modern day–so cushioned by our cultural conveniences and our short-term understandings–shouldn’t liken ourselves to the baby in a family of 12 siblings…the one who only knows their own existence and forgets that their older sibs must’ve lived in totally different realities…and naturally prefers that the whole world revolves in their own reality, because well it’s the best.  Until the 1970s in the U.S., I’d guess that many things about the way life is lived were different.  Things happen-life’s works get destroyed–people get sick and die–attitudes change–but virtues like integrity and self-sacrifice are the tenets that have always remained, independent of culture, in the face of “acts of god/nature.”  Of course, these virtues have also evolved over time, but they have certainly been around a LONG time before me.

I’m happy to have this glimpse and reality check–and I’m a lucky one, seeing the destruction and inconvenience from my safe little island Peace Corps haven (ha!).  Guys in Nashville–family, friends and others–Well done. Thanks for being bound up in the struggle with one another. I stand with you and encourage you to keep looking beyond yourselves, your own experiences, your own bore-hole view of culture and the world.

Meanwhile, I’ll be here, doing the same…as my own bore-hole reality is flooding today as well, the road crumbling beneath me.


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