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What A Weekend

My sister arrived on-island on Thursday around noon and we high-tailed it back to Portland because (a) she’d had an overnight flight and just wanted to “get there,” and (b) things were starting to heat up in Kingston and it’s typically much safer to be trapped in “bush” than in Ktown.  We got to our rainforest cabin just before dark. Mission accomplished.

Friday, we had a pretty lazy day. Typical of PCJ Fridays, I had a hard time remembering that people somewhere in the world were working in offices and clocking in/out of work.  Fridays are pretty much optional where work is concerned here…don’t tell anyone in staff I said this…I mean, most of the time, we are “working” on weekends, so it doesn’t really matter. This is exactly my point! A local friend–Kemani–came over to cook with Josh and Rob stopped by for a bit too. We met some neighbors, walked down to the suspension bridge and swam around.  Most of the day it rained, but the sun came out long enough to burn my pale sibling’s shoulders. :)  I’ll be the pale one in a year or so…so I’m getting all the mileage I can out of this!

Saturday, we headed down to Port Antonio and hopped a taxi to Frenchman’s Cove, even though it was raining raining raining and didn’t seem to want to let up. In Portland, you just never know! However, in true form, everyone who we expected to come out to the beach DID still come out and the rain stopped with enough time for us to frolic for a little bit in the sun, sand and surf! I think Sammi enjoyed Frenchman’s–it’s one of our favorite spots in Jamaica, so we had to show her!

Sunday. We wanted to hit up Dry River Falls, but the rain deterred us, so we just stayed in and hung out. Josh and I attended to some overdue projects/tasks and Sammi read books and played with Gooberstein.  Later in the afternoon, we did venture across the street to the river and “mud-skipped” up and down the rapids. (Newsflash: Sammi is an adrenaline junkie! Who knew?!)

In the evening, the sky looked promisingly clear, so we packed up our movie night stuff and went up road to show “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” and “Losers.” I think Sammi enjoyed interacting with some of our community folk and the crowd seemed to like the movies okay.  It’s amazing to me how routine and comfortable things like this have become.  It’s a nice feeling–It’s a long time coming and I’m torn about leaving for reasons like this. I need to make sure I get a picture of Sammi with little Javoni before she leaves!

So it’s Monday, May 24th and it’s Jamaica’s Labour Day.  I’m still sitting here being quiet, as the other 3 in my house are still sleeping in!  We may go up to the school and see WAGWAAN ova de.  We may walk to Dry River since it looks sunny now.

Oh–Being in rural Jamaica has it’s problems–for instance, NO CABLE to watch your favorite show’s finale live, with the rest of the world. Our plan is to DL our iTunes HD version as soon as humanly possible, which is Tuesday morning…I’m already sad it ended.  What an amazing show.  Even Bart knows that!

Also, I should say that we are safe and no one should worry about our safety.  However, we would really appreciate your prayers for the situation going on here in Jamaica with the extradition of a W.Kingston community leader/thug to the U.S. for court proceedings as he is suspected for some serious international criminal activity.  The Peace Corps is very vigilant to keep their volunteers safe–They are constantly monitoring the news and Police radios and they do a lot of prevention, for instance we are not allowed to travel to Kingston or St. Andrew until further notice.  We are in very capable, caring hands here so please don’t worry–just pray for all the folks involved as usual.

Thanks family and friends for your concern, interest and (some of you) for all the stuff you sent with Sammi recently! I wish I could say we are pacing ourselves on all of it but…well, I don’t like to lie. :)



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  1. It has been sunnier here in MoBay. As a newly inducted Peace Corps volunteer, I went with my boss, Brian Zane, from the Montego Bay Marine Park to a lion fish “hunt” in Negril on Saturday. Over 1440 lion fish were caught in the reef areas off Negril over a three day period, but the invasion of this “beautiful but deadly and invasive” species remains out of control. A lion fish can ingest 30 small reef fish in a half hour, waving its feather-like fins and eating the smaller fish lured to its open mouth. There are no easy solutions on how to stop the “lion fish invasion” but groupers are the only known predator in Jamaican waters…and there are too few groupers to consume so many lion fish.

    Labour Day in MoBay is quiet so far and hopefully it will stay that way. If you want to see 100 photos of Group 81 PCVs completing 9 weeks of training before being inducted into the U.S. Peace Corps on Friday, March 21st, check them out on my Facebook page. I have also included some pictures of the lion fish hunt in Negril (3 day event ending on May 22nd).

    All the Best,

    Forest Redding

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