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From the Sound of It…

You’d think Jamaica was heading to Hell in a gun filled handbasket. I’m currently sitting in Porti waiting patiently for the final episode of LOST to download and in the mean time I thought I’d take a chance to spotlight… watagwaan on di Rock.

Story on MSNBC.

Basically, if you don’t know what’s going on, it’s this. Back in the 70’s the political parties gave certain individual’s in the slums of Kingston (and wherever else) enough money and power to take care of their “area” and get the people to vote for their particular party. This worked well because these, I’ll call them Slum Lords, could monitor and take care of their little area much more efficiently than the government could. So the government basically put these people in charge to do the gov’s job. Foolproof, right? Well, no, but I think we’ve all hired a Slum Lord or two at some point to cut corners.

Either way, eventually these guys started making more money than the government paid them so they didn’t need them any longer. And then came the drugs and the trafficking and the hey hey and yada yada, here we are today. The current leaders fought to defend Dudus because he was their investment and more powerful than them and if they turned Dudus over, who in the government is Dudus going to rat out when the US gives him a plea bargain? It’s just a huge corrupt cluster f. And rather than doing the right thing when he had the chance, the Prime Minister ignored it till it came back to bite everyone.

However, the entire island is not at war. For example, Portland is just fine. They have said that Dudus’ people might start spreading out and making trouble in other parts of the island (it is a very small island). And our travel is currently severely restricted. Depending on how things go the next week, we may not make it out west to Calabash with Sam. Sam may not get to leave on time if things in Kingston don’t calm down by Sunday. And our Close of Service conference next week in Negril may be postponed. Like I said, things are a bit shaken up at the moment.

But dem soon sort out.

I think.


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