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Needing All Kind of Beauty Rest

These days, one cannot be too careful about (a) the food and drink one consumes and (b) the company one keeps.

I’m being goofy of course…however, these past couple weeks have been sick and rainy in the Hunter household.

Don't cry for me, Jamaica.

The up side: Not consuming calories means there’s no reason to burn any, right? Also, what better time for rain than when you’re sickly.  I’d be reading more books and writing more blogs if my pesky stomach and head would behave. Alas, this too shall pass.

Josh did his sick time before me and, although I think he had it for longer, it was lucky because he’s in Port Antonio celebrating the three-fold holiday with our friends…without me.  I’m here, being sick and listening to the rain soak and soak and soak our clothes on the line.

On the other hand, it’s quiet and beautiful and I never take the time to rest like this.

We gave our landlord the last rent this morning and it was kind of sad. They’ve taken such good care of us and it feels like family more than business. Cannot believe we’ll be going for good in less than a month….And I know I should be finding good homes for all our useful crap and packing up and coordinating, but honestly I don’t feel up to it at the moment. Maybe tomorrow.

Happy 3rd July 3rd on-island, fi mi group!

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  1. Hope you and Josh start feeling great so you can enjoy your last month in Jamaica…at least for now. I feel certain that one day you will both return. Jamaica is part of the life blood of all who live share friendships and experience days/months in these special tropical climes.

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