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I’m Workin’ On It

One more mix for the road? Lots of new stuff here. Some HipHop, some Dancehall, some… other. All pretty fun. If you’ve got an internet connection, there’s really no reason not to download this.


(there should be very few unacceptable words
since almost all of these are clean versions)

Drake’s new album Thank Me Later is really great. I think he’s got a great voice and it works well on his more subtle songs where there’s just a great beat, some backup synthesizers, and him. Really diggin’ his latest.

The ‘World Cup Anthem’ on there is the song that they play for all the World Cup goin’s ons here.

Robyn just came out with a new album, Body Talk (pt. I) (I guess the first of three planned for this year). I highly recommend it. It’s excellent. I put one of my favorites on here. So if you like it, you should definitely check out the rest of the album. Great electro-pop ‘n b. One of the songs I had put on the last mix, but this copy is MUCH better quality than the leaked one on it. So if you don’t plan on hearing her whole album, please grab this copy below. Diplo helped produce this song with her and it really shows with that fat dub bass on the track. I just love this song.

Robyn – Dancehall Queen


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