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2010 Xmas From Jamaica

Under The Light Blanket

Well, I’m not in Jamaica, but that doesn’t mean it’s not always in the corner of my eye. Just came across an AMAZING Dancehall Christmas Mix that I had to post up here (if you want to avoid the possibly NSFW cover art, just click on ‘download’ below). It’s crude and loud and NOT safe for children (or work), but… it’s REALLY a great mix. Lots of new music with Christmas stuff.


Also came across two massive ‘best of 2KX’ mixes featuring all the hits from this last year.

(to download click on the ‘Download’ button just above the big orange play button)

Reggae Gold MMX, pt. 1
Reggae Gold MMX, pt. 2

And last, a hilarious Jamaican dubbed infomercial: Jamaican Slap Chop. I won’t post the actual video because it has a few bad words in it (not a ton, just more than is appropriate for a facebook wall) and at least this way I feel like I’m providing one extra level of safety for those that might be offended.

Hope you had a great Christmas! Happy 2k11.


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