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It’s about time we started a page for Goob. We found him January 2009 playing in the road. We were walking back from the biggest grave digging the valley has ever seen when we came across this puffy tailed delight. His demeanor was so pleasant and carefree that I had to pick him up. So we thought, “We’ll just carry him home and see what happens.” Well, we trapped him at our house for a week until he stopped trying to run off and he’s been here ever since. He has one of the best personalities we’ve ever seen, but he bites like how I would imagine a dinosaur would. He is the cutest most funniest sleeping cat we’ve ever had and there’s just no good reason to keep all these pictures to myself. So please, enjoy Jamaica’s fluffiest gift to us…

More soon come.


4 Responses

  1. This site is dedicated to all of Goob’s biggest fans: Corey, Anna Lee, “Rusalka”, Anne Miller, Mama Chapman and Mama Hunter.

    Can’t wait to put more photos and vids from the “Coco-head” days of yore.

  2. keep it real, goob.

  3. man! thats a gangsta cat!, Makes me want one.

  4. Oh my gosh! I stumbled on this today and it totally made my day…I love that cat. You’re taking him back to the states right?

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