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2010 Xmas From Jamaica

Under The Light Blanket

Well, I’m not in Jamaica, but that doesn’t mean it’s not always in the corner of my eye. Just came across an AMAZING Dancehall Christmas Mix that I had to post up here (if you want to avoid the possibly NSFW cover art, just click on ‘download’ below). It’s crude and loud and NOT safe for children (or work), but… it’s REALLY a great mix. Lots of new music with Christmas stuff.


Also came across two massive ‘best of 2KX’ mixes featuring all the hits from this last year.

(to download click on the ‘Download’ button just above the big orange play button)

Reggae Gold MMX, pt. 1
Reggae Gold MMX, pt. 2

And last, a hilarious Jamaican dubbed infomercial: Jamaican Slap Chop. I won’t post the actual video because it has a few bad words in it (not a ton, just more than is appropriate for a facebook wall) and at least this way I feel like I’m providing one extra level of safety for those that might be offended.

Hope you had a great Christmas! Happy 2k11.


I’m Workin’ On It

One more mix for the road? Lots of new stuff here. Some HipHop, some Dancehall, some… other. All pretty fun. If you’ve got an internet connection, there’s really no reason not to download this.


(there should be very few unacceptable words
since almost all of these are clean versions)

Drake’s new album Thank Me Later is really great. I think he’s got a great voice and it works well on his more subtle songs where there’s just a great beat, some backup synthesizers, and him. Really diggin’ his latest.

The ‘World Cup Anthem’ on there is the song that they play for all the World Cup goin’s ons here.

Robyn just came out with a new album, Body Talk (pt. I) (I guess the first of three planned for this year). I highly recommend it. It’s excellent. I put one of my favorites on here. So if you like it, you should definitely check out the rest of the album. Great electro-pop ‘n b. One of the songs I had put on the last mix, but this copy is MUCH better quality than the leaked one on it. So if you don’t plan on hearing her whole album, please grab this copy below. Diplo helped produce this song with her and it really shows with that fat dub bass on the track. I just love this song.

Robyn – Dancehall Queen

You Never Know What You’ll Find in a Library in Jamaica


Last week, I found a Melodica in the Moore Town School Library (along with a little Glockenspiel)! Bizarre. Such a fun little instrument. You blow in one end and press the keys for sound. It’s like a Harmonica with a keyboard. It sounds like this. Just a rich, warm sound. I love it. This one doesn’t have the tube on it so I can’t see the keys too well when I play. But it’s so fun. Whenever I play it I feel like I’m in France. Or at least the movie Amelie.

Oh, I put photos up of the Halloween weekend on Facebook. I hate the the small format, but what’s easier than FB?

From: Jamaica, To: Di Worl

Thought it was time to unleash a bit of Jamaica on you (don’t worry, it’s just music)! So we put together a likl mix fi yu. Actually, this amazing girl Kassi Thomas just up and mailed us a card and CD (and actual store bought CD,  seriously) out of the blue. We didn’t even know her! So the LEAST we could do was send her a mix in return. SO this is the mix we sent her, except this one is iTunes “formatted” with as much info for each song as I have. I even made album artwork! Hope you can find some enjoyment in it.

Jamaican This Awesome Flag

From Jamaica, To You

I’m not going to bother listing the tracks because they’re listed in iTunes (which I think most everyone uses now?). If not, ask me. However, I will say a few words about the tracks. I tried not to include any Marley or classic things you might have heard (however, I couldn’t resist with the first track). So most things are current to somewhat current. For you with too much internet time here’s the wiki on Reggae and it’s subgenres. That will help explain a bit more about each type (Dancehall, Culture, Lover’s Rock).

A word about Dancehall: Try NOT to understand what they’re saying. You’ll feel better about yourself if you don’t try and interpret the lyrics. Please. They aren’t good for you. (And in iTunes, the artists, Nigel and Dwayne are just friends of mine who I got themusic from.) Got it? Good.

That’s it. There’s plenty more to explain, but I don’t have time. So ask questions and let me know what you think of this music!

Lieta (“Later” spelled phonetically in Patois)

Goob loves him some Reggae

Goob loves him some Reggae

PLEASE Go To Bonnaroo!

…And record the entire Girl Talk performance for me!

(These are from Coachella this past weekend.)

Time Never Passes Here Because It’s Always 80°F

So, not much new here. I think. I cannot believe it’s December. I’ve been pretty depressed the last month or so. In general I’ve just felt pointless and insignificant (with regard to my job here) and it’s been raining so much we haven’t been outside much. So yeah, not a great combo. But I think I’m done with it, so yeah… I’m done with it.

Here’s the waterfall I fell at (taken with the fisheye, meaning I’m really close. see the person in the bottom right?):


The Sandcastle Hotel we stayed at for Early Service Training:


Been listening to some new stuff recently. On my first first listen through I did not think I’d be saying this a week later, but I really dig the new Kanye West album, 808s & Heartbreak. It’s such a departure from his last 3 albums that it really threw my ears for a loop. It’s got a lot less flash than Graduation, but you feel like there’s more there. Feels like a lot of soul went into it (honestly, it’s kind of a sad album (ie Street Lights)). At first the whole “auto-tune” voice really turned me off because he uses it over the entire album. But after a run through you kind of forget about it as it’s just a theme over the whole thing. Plus he makes up for it by not using one friggin high-hat in the percussion (I HATE the standard hip-hop percussion lineup. It infuriates me and my treble sensitive ears). In fact, I love his percussive choices on this album (much more natural than expected). I highly recommend giving it a listen if you haven’t already. I thought these reviews really helped sum up my thoughts…

The Onion (A.V. Club)
Heartbreak is a bittersweet sleeper that hovers somewhere between an interesting failure and a secret success. It seems destined to be the weird little orphan that fans single out as a favorite.

Paste Magazine
A hot mess of an album that’s simultaneously the most indulgent and most disciplined record he’s ever made.

Dot Music
It might not turn out to be his biggest album, but 808s & Heartbreak could well be his masterpiece.

Another one I’m impressed with is Coldplay‘s EP, Prospekt’s March. It’s an extension of Viva la Vida but seemed more focused (maybe the EP format helped). Also maybe it helped that when I listened to it I was laying in a hammock on the beach, but I really felt like this showed off Coldplay‘s musical talent. Obviously they’re talented, but this was the first time I was actually impressed with their work; like they’d just showed me what they were truly capable of.

And to wrap it up, here’s a “it’s new to me” song I just came across the other day. Some of the lyrics are gross, but no more than your average rap song. It’s got a fun beat.