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To Send

We are running dangerously low on Crystal Light on-the-go packs and Luna bars! If you can help renew our    stores to a safe level once more, then we would love your help!

reusable shopping bags – We are trying to promote a “reduce & reuse” mindset where plastics are concerned.  With NO good ways to dispose of garbage, using good, sturdy shopping totes instead of “scandal bags” would be a great start.

We’re taking donations toward a digital projector.
The idea is for us to have a medium for showing educational presentations, giving the community something fun & safe to DO on (say) a Friday night, and for training leaders in the community to do the same with modern equipments.  Having a projector at our disposal will increase our opportunities to use resources already provided to us for teaching and training, and will allow us flexibility, to use it whenever we want. Here’s a link to a very cool projector story!

Any contributions toward this end will be much appreciated!
We hope to donate/sell it back to our agency –Bowden Pen Farmers’ – once our time here is up.

Contributions to airfare are always welcome!  Due to our sneak-visit home in February, we aren’t sure when our next trip will happen – hopefully in the fall of 2009.  However, Jesse will be visiting grad school(s) and we’d both love to visit in FL, CO and TN.

Speaking of grad school, I’ll soon need to take the GRE and studying is quite necessary.  I don’t care if it’s Barron’s, Kaplan or Princeton Review, I would LOVE to receive one of these GRE Review Guides.

Any environmental or health (informative, but can be fun too) videos, documentaries or presentations that you either have, have seen and loved or have heard about –let us know.  We will soon need materials!
Especially: Planet Earth, Life & Debt (about Jamaica!), FLOW-For the Love of Water, Girls Rock!, and others.

Contrary to popular belief, one CAN send cheese, pepperoni, lil smokies, NRG bars, candy, etc. through the mail in padded envelopes or small boxes…I’m just saying. ☺

That all being said, you guys have been amazingly generous and thoughtful already!

•    Taco seasonings
•    Toiletries (unless you wanna send razor refills or tampons!)
•    Stationery (unless it’s super cool and you simply must!)


8 Responses

  1. Whats you guys address…I have a letter for you Jesse but don’t know where to send it!

  2. Any updates on the list? jJust hypothetically speaking, that’s all. :)

  3. we’ll update the list as soon as we receive anything FROM the list.


  4. I updated just the other day by taking off things we’ve acquired (or decidedly do NOT need/want). I also bolded the things that are getting to be priorities. So there!

    Josh mentioned Nooma vids to me the other day. If you can send any of those or…maybe I’ll look up the link. Can they be free? hmm.

    Um, good pens, Luna bars and cute Christmas (or everyday bohemian) fabrices/decorations…those would be smashing.

  5. The Peppermint luna bars don’t fare well in the heat…but are like crack they are so good…have you tried the peanut butter ones?

  6. Cool Running I can send, would you guys like a full copy of the dvd (menus and all?) or just multiple avi’s on a dvd? Depending on cost I can send copies of a lot of new releases (Dark Knight, etc)

  7. hey arthur

    just an avi of the movie would be awesome. Billy H just sent down about 10dvds with shows and movies all over them. he just stuck them in an envelope and mailed them to the comfort castle address. i think it cost like $6 or something for the whole thing. But he also sent a bunch of new movies (like dark knight) so i’ll have to put a list up of all we got.

    thanks for thinking of us!

  8. Congratulations to Jamaica bolt

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